Now You See Me | Paperback

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A curated cocktail of everyday tales, written over a seven-year period, which have evolved into short memoirs of Thefu, a non-recovering artcoholic and storyteller. His tales are wide-ranging: whacky dreams, observing a chicken lay an egg, destroying beautiful women’s property, loss, sombre heartbreaks, philosophical musings over dog behaviour, social commentaries—and everything in between.

Thefu grew up in rural Kenya a quiet, introverted boy, who got out of trouble with brain rather than brawn. His stories reveal a heightened sense of observation, and an ability to find meaning and humour, even in fleeting and seemingly mundane events.

This is an intimate glimpse into his perception of the world, and he means it when he says, Now You See Me.

Paperback, 156 pages.

ISBN: 978-9914-741-79-7

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